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Blockchain Technology • Full Solution For Fiat • B2B Inbound Corporate Banking • We Transfair it!


Less than 5 seconds • Blockchain • KYC/AML compliant • Fiat currency • FX rates

Our Solution

We aim to disrupt this B2B Payments ecosystem with Blockchain, coupled with a ton of features and add-ons, that are required by businesses of any nature or size, like invoicing, accounting, receipt management, smart integrations with popular platforms etc.

We are ‘just for business!’ and we aim to develop a full suite of tools to facilitate businesses. Our solution challenges the traditional B2B payments ecosystem built on the legacy infrastructure with the problems that we aim to solve.


Global B2B Payments with features like invoicing, receipts and more.

Fast and Secure

Fast and secure payments backed by Blockchain technology.

Immute and Decentralized

Blockchain offers immutability, decentralisation and security

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VTransFair Unique Value Proposition

What sets VTransFair apart from the competition is our superior solution and multiple offerings. VTransFair goes beyond being just a payment company, it works as an Inbound Corporate Bank for the customers offering features which are crucially needed by SMEs for their growth and operations.

The price point at which we offer our services is unmatched by our competitors, also we have worked hard to provide almost every essential service a business needs to manage its finance related activities. If we do a side by side comparison, VTransFair comes out as the superior solution due to its multiple offerings.

VTransFair succeeds where the competition fails, not only is it a great way to manage cross border payments, it shines in internal invoice management, accounting, and financial management. In addition to these services VTransFair also offers access to credit and blockchain based secure funds transfer that minimize security leaks and hacking. VTransFair is the best solution designed for all of the SMEs needs.

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Our Aim

The global payment ecosystem is filled with companies and banks that exploit SMEs and small businesses with high fees, slow performance and unsafe business practices. The global loss in the financial sector due to high fees and slow infrastructure is in billions of dollars. Many small businesses and private sector organizations fail to cope up with high fees and regulations and end up closing operations, which causes massive loss and unemployment. Despite the technological advancements in other sectors the banking and financial industry is failing to catch up to the latest technologies and sometimes the slow pace is deliberate, because most financial institutions prefer charging high fees instead of servicing the customer fairly.

VTransFair wants to change the status quo by offering technologically advance and robust payment systems, which can revolutionize how banking is done for SMEs and corporate businesses. With its unique offerings of transparency, security and agility in financial transactions, VTransFair works as an Inbound corporate bank, managing transactions and the associated paperwork that comes with it.

Our offerings enable SMEs to take their financial matters in their hands and enables them to get the best possible financial services without charging them exuberant fees. VTransFair reliance on industry leading technologies like Blockchain gives it the competitor advantage of being fast, secure and reliable without compromising the users’ private data and information.

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Why VTransFair on Blockchain?

We have developed VTransFair with core functionalities on Blockchain for the numerous important reasons!

Decentralised Network

Blockchain is decentralised, which means that it is distributed all over the globe across many different nodes. Decentralisation has a lot of real world benefits.

Highly Secure

One of the benefits of Blockchain is that it is highly secure because of decentralisation and distributed architecture. Since we are doing B2B Payments, Blockchain infrastructure is the best choice for security.

Immutable Architecture

Blockchain is immutable, which means that the Blockchain entries can’t be changed or altered with. This feature of Blockchain greatly reduces the risk of fraud.

No Centralised Authority

Since Blockchain is decentralised, there is no central authority unlike banks. The lack of central authority increases efficiency and reduces the burden of fees.

24/7 Global Availability

Since the Blockchain architecture is distributed and decentralised all over the globe across many different nodes, which makes this system ‘highly available’ 24/7.

Fault Tolerant

The immutable and decentralised architecture of Blockchain makes it fault tolerant because if the fault arises, the system is able to quickly recover in seconds.

Our Mission

  • We want to support your business to the next level

  • We offer full control over your finances distribution

  • We manage your data security

  • We help you to become the next visionary, sky – scrapper company and unique individual


Ben Sends
Joe Receives
Judy Pays


FX rates for the currency exchange • Real time transactions (<5 sec) • Blockchain based • Only for business


Custom features, plus • Remittance services • Remote payments • Smart integrations • Smart contracts


Gold features and much more • Meeting actual market needs at the release of VTransFair

VTransFair Roadmap

VTransFair Trailer

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Latest News

We are delighted to announce the participation to European Events where VTransFair is pitching or exhibiting. Join us!

Participation in Finance and Support for Entrepreneurs Event

With the support of LEAP CONSORTIUM IN CONJUNCTION WITH CITY BUSINESS LIBRARY, we are excited to announce our participation in London, United Kingdom at the UK ACCESS TO FINANCE AND FUNDING SHOW - Finance and Support for Entrepreneurs Event- located in Novotel Hotel Greenwich on the 21 st of November. VTransFair will pitch in front of the Dragon’s Den and of course exhibit. You will be able to test our MVP, get a live feeling of what we do and how we want to be a leader in FinTech industry. We are delighted to talk about our vision and present our further milestones in front of investors, possible partners, customers, and entrepreneurs. Join us! For more information, please visit the official page of the Event here:
Support for Entrepreneurs

We are exhibiting at Web Summit 2019!

We are exhibiting at Web Summit (Altice Arena & Fil, 4/7 November, Lisbon), the biggest tech event in the world! Around 70000 guests including big names such as Tony Blair, Edward Snowden, Brad Smith, Katherine Maher, Wladimir Klitschko, Ronaldinho, etc. will be there. We were selected among 400+ startups from 10 000 applications. We have the opportunity to pitch on the stage and demo our MVP! Is a great opportunity for us and we thank Web Summit for selecting us. We are part of the Alpha Program and we will meet with investors, game changers, and another great startups. Thank you Web Summit for this amazing chance! Come and visit us at our exhibition stand! Good luck VTransFair!

VTransFair selected for Startup Showcase at WS2019

We are delighted to announce that VTransFair has been selected to participate on the Startup Showcase at the Web Summit where our CEO will deliver a 2 minutes speech about VTransFair. Thank you Web Summit for this amazing chance!